If you wish to play a game where you can create a virus and spread it across the world, Plague Inc is the one for you. Plague Inc is a game from Miniclip. Many people have been playing this game because it allows people to make their own experiments with deadly viruses and see how they infecting the world. You will feel like a true evil scientist when playing this because you are really making your own strain of diseases or virus and make it go viral to infect and kill the world. But it won’t go easy as you might think. There will be many obstacles.

The obstacles when you’re planning for unleashing the deadly virus would be the disease itself. You got to make it more contagious and lethal so it can infect people faster. You can keep upgrading your virus strain with DNA Points. That is the thing you use to upgrade the abilities, symptoms, and transmission of the disease. If you want a fast way earning DNA Points, we are providing you with Plague Inc hack tool. With our tool, you can get all the DNA Points easily and as many as you want.

The points are very important if you want to evolve your disease fast enough to infect all the people around the world. Although you can get Points throughout the gameplay, it’s so slow. It’s best if you already hack the game with lots of DNA points so you can create the most infectious and lethal disease ever known to mankind.

Why Use Our Hack Tool?

It’s a very good question, isn’t it? Why should you use the game hack tool here? It’s because our tool is the only one that is legit and really working. Many people have already visited us and use the generator tool. The people who have already used the tool is so surprised that it’s real can give them the free hack DNA Points for the game. Do you want to know what they said and their reactions after using the hack? Well, you can see them all below on the proof.

Plague Inc Generator Proof

The proof you have seen above is the legit proof that we took from the official site of the Plague Inc hack. The site itself has been reviewed by many other cool website and personal blog. The proof you see is real and we don’t do any editing to it. It’s real and the people really said what they want to say. They never suspect that they get the Points in their game account.

Get Free DNA Points In Plague Inc Now!

We know what you want today guys, the Point isn’t it? But, do you know how to use our awesome hack tool? For new people here, we will give you the instructions you need to know regarding the tool.


The first thing you must do is to click on the link button below that will direct you to the generator site. The link will be provided under this instructions.


When you’re already directed to the site and enter the generator, click on the “Start Now” and you will begin the hacking process.


There will be a form that you must fill with the information of your game account. That information is required so our hack will send you the DNA Points.


Then, you can now choose how much DNA Points you want in your game. You can choose as many as you want guys.


In the fifth step, you need to click the Connect button to start the hacking process.


The hacking process will take time for about two minutes or less. Please be patient while this process because it may vary on the internet speed you have.


When it’s already done, you can click “OK” and continue to finish the hack.


When all is done, you can check all the DNA Points while you’re playing the game. From now on, you will always get enough points to make your disease very strong in the early game.

So there all the instructions you need to know regarding how to use our tool. All the instructions there has been given in clear. You need to read them first then proceed to the generator. If you fail or you want to use our tool again, it’s always there for you and always on. Our generator here is compatible for both Android and iOS users.

Plague Inc Hack Features

The thing that makes our tool special is the features that we have here. Our team of hackers is really talented people. We have implemented the best features to make sure you get the best experience with our tool. To see all the features we have, see them all below.

No Download

You don’t need to download any application to start our tool. There’s no need to download any launcher because we make the hack as a web-based generator.

256 SSL Encryption Technology

We used high-tech encryption Hardware to make sure the security of your account is always at prioritizing in our tool.


Your account will never get banned although you keep hacking the game over and over again.

Free To Use

Everyone can use our hack here. We never limit our tool to anyone because you all deserve a little help in playing this game.


You can have the choice to use the hack from your smartphone browser or your computer browser. It’s all up to your preferences.


We are using the best antivirus software to protect our tool so it will always in virus free condition.

There, those are all the features we offer just for you here. We always make sure you get the best game hacking experience on the internet. We provide you with only the 100% real and working hack. Another hack might scam you for some cash you have, but we’re free to use, aren’t we? So, use this right away before you miss this great chance.

How Our Generator Hack Works

Yoyogam.com is the best place you can ever visit when you’re looking for a game hacking. We have a team of hackers that work diligently finishing the tool for you. You must know that all the work isn’t easy. But, we can tell you something secret about how our tool works.

The first thing you must know is that every hacking tool we have made on this site is built with over 2 millions of algorithm codes. We used codes because it’s easier and much more secure to make a hack. The algorithm is the best way to hack a game. The algorithm helps our team to build the hack tool. When the tool is connecting to the game server, the algorithm codes will try to locate and manipulate the DNA Points in Plague Inc and have it all send to your game. It’s a pretty straight forward. No bullsh*t and no other hassle thing. So come on now, use our hack and experience the game like never before.


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