Are you tired of the fancy tower defense game that makes you think hard playing it? Well, there’s one alternative game for you and that is Little Commander WWII TD. It’s a tower defense game with the theme of the second world war. You will have to command many units to defend your base. A lot of weaponry are ready at your disposal to be deployed. Enemy units will storm your base pretty fast and strong, and you need to prepare your defense correctly. Wrong emplacement if units can be your doom. Enemies with strong characteristics can slip by easily if you have a wrong unit emplacement.

One thing you must know is that the enemies in every wave are getting stronger and better. To combat this, you’re allowed to upgrade your units to become more powerful than ever. For that, you need Upgrade Points. Let’s just say that the Upgrade Point is the currency used in this game. You need it to fully upgrade all your units in your disposal. The more you upgrade, the better they will perform to stop the enemy waves. You’re lucky by coming here because we have Little Commander hack tool for you. Our tool can give you the access to hack the game to earn a lot of U.P in this game for free.

Yep, that’s right, you can get all the amounts of free Upgrade Point from our tool here because we are the site where you need to hack a mobile game. All our game generator hack can be used without having to pay for anything and it’s always on without you have to worried it’s shutting down.

Why Use Our Generator Hack?

Well friends, when it comes to hacking a game, where the one you’re supposed to find. We are a team of hackers that love to find weaknesses in mobile games and take advantage of it to make the game more fun than ever. Like the hack tool for this game that we have made. It’s built because there’s a weakness in the game, and we turn it to benefit you all. Why should you come here for hack a game?

1. It’s a Secret is a website for hacking a game, we don’t need many people to know us. Only people like you here today are allowed to visit us because we’re assuming that you’re a gamer who desperately need help. You’re lucky to have found this site today.

2. Trusted

You’re not the first person who visits our site seeking help. There are some other people like you have already come here looking for our help. So, with many people have come here, that means our site is trusted.

3. It’s Easy

Hacking this game with the help of our tool is something that easy to be done, even a 7 years old can do it. And don’t worry, we will show you some instructions about how to use our generator later.

The Proof

You might still find this all hard to believe ain’t you? Well, if we were you, we will also find all of this hard to make sense. But, there’s one thing that we can turn you into believing us. We have the proof to make you have faith in our hack. Want to see the proof now? Well, take a look at the picture below then.

Little Commander Generator Proof

See the proof above friend? What you have seen above is the testimonials of people who have already used the hack before. They are really happy for all the free Upgrade Points they got to their game. They never thought that this is the real deal. The proof you have seen is taken from the official site of the game itself. Does the proof enough to make you believe in us? If you are not believed it yet, it’s all up to you. But if you have already had faith in us, you can now see the instructions below to know how to use our generator.

Instructions To Get Free Upgrade Points In Little Commander


Click on the link that we will provide you below to go to our generator site.


Once you’re directed to the generator site, there you must click “Start Now” to get start to the process.


You must enter the username or email address you use as your game account.


Choose how many Upgrade Points that you request from us. You can ask for as many as you want.


Click the “Generate” button.


Now you have to wait while the hack tool is working to hack the game. This could take time around 60 seconds or more depending on your internet speed.


When it’s done, you must proceed to prove that your IP address is safe by continuing to the verification process. This has to be done so our hack tool is not overloaded by unwanted BOTS.


When everything has been done, you can check your game now and see all the Upgrade Points already there.


Enjoy them all and don’t forget to Like and Share our page.

Those are the nine instructions you need to read first before you use the generator. A lot of people fail to get what they want because they don’t know how to use it and that is because they don’t read our manuals. Please read them all clear so you understand what to do and what not to do. We have put the link below for you to go to the Generator site, my friend.

Our Special Little Commander Hack Tool Features

We want the best for you and that’s why we only serve you with the special and the best features. See them all below.

Completely Free!

We always make a promise to you that we will never charge money if you want to use our hack. We make it clear since we started this activity that we never ask a single dollar from you.


We have protected the tool from a virus with the best antivirus you can think of. This is very important because we don’t want your smartphone to get infected by dangerous malware.

No Download

Why do you need to download something to hack a game? It doesn’t make any sense. With us, you don’t need to download anything at all. Just straight use it and it will be done in no time.

Techno-Guard Protection

To protect your precious data, we store them in Techno-Guard Protection software, the best one to secure all your secure data.

256-SSL Encryption Transmission

With encrypted data transmission, we make sure your game account will not get banned from the game, that’s a promise! You can always hack the game over and over again.

Fully Compatible With Any Platform

Our tool will always compatible for both Android and iOS platform. We never limit our users because we know there are two major platforms in mobile gaming.

No Survey

If you’re annoyed by the irritating survey, you won’t find them here because we know you hate such thing.


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