Are you looking to get free gold to your Angry Birds game? We have the hack tool for you where it can give you lots of gold to your account. It would be based on the game store so this should not mislead anything from the game.

Different with Others?

We can ensure that this hack tool is totally different from others as we do not implement any outdated system where it can be an annoying thing for our users. We have been upgraded the system. Why is this one totally different?

  1. No unlimited gold because we have synchronized it with the game system where all request will be based on the official store.
  2. No survey or human verification, all this old stuff thing has been replaced with the newest one called reCaptcha from Google
  3. No jailbreak or root, are you tired of finding a game hack that requires this one. Do not worry, we have applied a new style of a hacking method.
  4. No more download, we have compiled it into a new generator. We can say this generator is truly awesome.

Hacking is Now Easy!

Would you like to know that hacking this game is really easy right now since we have been making it be user-friendly, even a baby can do it. You do not learn how to hack the game by using a hex method because it is an ancient way to hack a gameĀ and this one is the modern one.

What you have to do now, is to follow our guide. We have made a great guide for you. You have just need to follow it. However, the first thing you have to do is to click the button below.

About this Hack?

You may ask why we release this hack, actually, we have been so tired because of its developer who is being greedy day by day. They never share a single gold to their users. So, all the players should buy the gold from its store. That is why we release this hack generator in order to hack Angry Birds Blast.

Generator Based

We use the best method to hack this game where we have published a hack tool based on a generator. This is gonna be the first one and we are the only who invented this one to the public.

reCaptcha System

Unlike the other hack tool, we do not like any survey or human verification because there are many people who complain about this one. We have no idea before until we find this program where it can protect us from any spam activity.


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