Are you typical of fashion people? Well, now, there’s a game that’s called Covet Fashion. In the game, you can live your dream as a fashion expert. Put on the best fashion Item on your model and let other players be the judge. There are lots of fashion items you can apply to your model. Some of the best items need to be purchased with Diamonds. If you running out of Diamonds, we’re really happy to help you with our Covet Fashion hack tool. Our hack here will help you generate all the free Diamonds you can ever imagine. You can use our tool for free and no b*ullsh*t survey.

Covet Fashion is a game about living your dream to become the best fashion enthusiast ever. This game is online and you can compete with other fashionistas to prove who is the best of all. The game is so realistic and keeps updated with the today’s fashion style. If you’re a girl, this game is totally perfect for you. Nevertheless, this game can also be played by boys who want to prove that boy also understand two things about fashion.

How To Play The Game

Well, playing this game is easy enough. All you got to do is just putting some clothes, pants, shoes, and other accessories. There are lots of items you can choose to apply to your model. Each of the items is requiring Money to be purchased. You can get the currency by keep playing the game. Each time, you finished customizing your model, you can see the result of the review and get paid with the in-game Money. You can also get more Money from people who vote for your model.

How To Get Free Diamonds In Covet Fashion

There are two currencies used in this game. They are Money and Diamonds. We have already told you that you can get Money by every time you finished customizing your Model. The Diamond, on the other hand, is quite hard to earn. You can get it easily if you’re leveling up. Keep leveling up fast so you can earn a lot of Diamonds.

Or, if you want the best way ever, you can use our Covet Fashion generator here. We can give you all the Diamonds that you need to purchase all the best fashion items to make your model looks stand out from the rest. If you want to know how to use our generator and get the Diamond, see the instructions below.

1. Click on the link button that we will show you at the end of this page.
2. The link is to direct you to our generator.
3. On the generator site, click “Start Now”.
4. Then, you must enter the username of your game account.
5. Next, you can choose how many Diamonds that you want to have from us.
6. After that, click “Connect” to start hacking.
7. When the process begins, you need to wait for a couple of minutes.
8. If it’s already completed, click “OK” and Continue.
9. Check your game now.
10. Enjoy all the free Diamonds you have got from us.

Those are all the instructions you must know if you want to get the Diamond from us. Please, read all the guide first then proceed to use the generator. If you fail to get what you want, you can always repeat the steps again and again.

The Proof of Covet Fashion Hack

Do you believe our tool here? If you can’t trust us yet, maybe a proof will make you better. You need to know that there are lots of people have already used our hack tool here. People have come here to get one thing only, the Diamonds. is the best place for you to find game hack tool. Like this hack for Covet Fashion game, we build this tool to help you get the best out of the game. See what others said about the legitimacy of our generator tool below.

Covet Fashion Generator Proof

See the picture of proof above? Those are the testimonials of people who have already used this hack. Look at those people who said that they are really happy for the free Diamonds in Cover Fashion. They never thought that this is the site that offered real and working hack. We have no intention to scam you for your money. You won’t get scammed because the tool here is totally free and the proof you have seen above is coming from our own official hack site. Now, if you have already trusted us with this tool, click the link button below to go to the generator site.

Hack For Covet Fashion Features

1. Anti-ban guarantee: we are a guarantee you that even if you use our tool, your account will stay safe from the ban system.
2. Antivirus: our hack tool here is Protected with super antivirus to protect your smartphone.
3. Free for all: everyone can use our hack and you can always use our tool at any time with having to pay a single cent to us.
4. No survey: you don’t need to do any annoying surveys because we hate it and we won’t do that to you.
5. No download: no need to download the additional app to use our hack.
6. Mobile-friendly: our tool can be used from your mobile browser or computer browser.

All of that information above is the special feature of our generator. You will never find any other similar hack tool with many great features like ours here. You can always use our tool again and again. The best thing is that our tool is 24/7 online so you can use it anytime as you want.

In-App Purchases VS Covet Fashion Generator

This game is free to play but that doesn’t mean everything will be easy. Covet Fashion uses two currencies, Money and Diamonds. We have already told you about both of them and how easy to get the Diamonds by buying it with real cash. But that is the way if you’re willing to spend some of your precious cash. If you don’t want to do that, you better off use our hack tool here. We give you the best solution and the fastest way earning Diamonds. After you use the hack, you can use all of them to buy all the best fashion items and prove that you are the best fashionista in this game.



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