Do you love to play tower defense game? Well, you must love Castle Defense. It’s the best TD game ever in Android and iOS. The reason why this game is the best because it has great gameplay and small size on your SD card. The game sized only 15mb! See how the game so small but it offers BIG fun. Learn the best strategy and place your tower correctly or you will be overwhelmed by enemies pretty quickly. What makes this game different from others is because you can choose to play as Wizard, Paladin, and Barbarian. Those three different classes are the options you can choose at the very beginning of the game.

This game is not all about how clever you put your tower. But, it’s also about managing your Crystals and Amethyst. Those two are the most important thing because it’s used to purchase items so you can get advantage from the waves of enemies. You need Crystals to refill your Mana instantly. The Mana is used to deploy units as additional troops to defend your towers. While Amethyst is used for upgrading your hero. If you’re running out of those precious things, we have Castle Defense hack tool for you. What’s our tool for? You can use it to generate all the Crystals and Amethyst as many as you want totally for free.

With our generator, you will no longer have to deal with the lack of Crystals and Amethyst. Those problems are long gone after you have already used our tool. You can use our tool once and you can ask hundreds or maybe thousands of the currencies. Even though you will eventually running out of them, you can always use our hack again and again.

Why Should You Hack The Game?

Before we ever make a hack tool such as this one, we always do some observations. The observation we do is to see that are the players having trouble playing the game. If so, that’s why we created this tool for you. We don’t want you to have a lot of hassle in playing this game. That’s why you better hack the game with our generator just like most of the players in this game that do the hack. Good reasons why you hack the game with us:

It’s Easy

Our hack is very easy to use. Even a kid can use and quickly understand how to hack the game.

It’s Fast

Our hack generator will not take much time of your life. Just couple of seconds and you will never know it’s already finished.

It’s Proved

Our tool here is the best and real because it’s already proved. If you want to see the proof of what we said, check out the proof section.

Hacking a game is what we do for a living and you are our customers. We never charge you money for all the hack tool we have here. Another site might gonna scam you. So, that’s the reason why you definitely must hack this game for your own good.

The Proof of This Castle Defense Generator

We are not pushing you to believe us here. We don’t force you to use our generator. Just for your information, there have been many people before you who have already used our tool and get the free Crystals and Amethyst. Do you want to see the legit proof of the hack? Well, you should see the picture below and think it for your own.

Castle Defense Generator proof

See the proof there? All those people are happily said that they are really getting what they want. We really happy when you’re satisfied with our tool. That means our team’s hard work is paid off. There’s nothing more exciting than watching you all happily hack the game to your phone. The proof you see above is taken from the official site of the game itself. Our generator is working by hacking right through the game server. So, you have seen all the proof you need to know. We are completely open to you. Now, the instructions regarding how to use our tool, see them all below.

How To Use The Hack Tool


You must click on the link button below to go to our generator.


On the generator site, you must enter the username or email address you used as your game account.


Select which platform you play the game. You can choose between Android and iOS.


Click on the “Next” Button to go to the next steps.


In the hack option section, you can choose how many Crystals and Amethyst do you want to be sent to your account. After that, click “Generate” to start the process.


While the hack is being processed, you must wait for approximately one minute. It takes time depends on the quality of your internet speed.


When the process is completed, there will be a human verification. It’s easy to pass and this system is used to prevent our hack tool is overloaded by bots.


When everything has been done, you now can check your game account and see all the Crystals and Amethyst you have received.


Don’t forget to leave Like and Share in our social buttons.

Those are all the nine instructions you must follow to earn the currencies you want. Please read them all first, then you can proceed to use the generator. If you don’t read them first, there will be a chance of failure. Even though that you fail, you can always use the tool again from the start. Now, to go to the generator site, the link is provided below.

Features of Our Castle Defense Hack

Open SSL-Encryption

We used a high tech encryption system to successfully break into the game server. And it’s also to keep your game account secured.


Don’t worry about getting banned because the encryption tool will make sure your account will never get banned even if you always use the hack tool.

Free For Everyone

Everyone can use our tool no matter who they are and where they are. And it’s also available at any time 24/7.

No Download

There’s no need to download additional apps to get the hack done. All you got to do is just visit the site through the link and use the generator there.

No Survey

We know that a lot of people hate survey, we make sure there’s no such thing here. You can always use our tool flawlessly.

100% Antivirus Protected

There’s no need to worry about virus. The hack is always protected by super antivirus software to secure your smartphone.

Those are all the features we are really proud for. Out team of hackers thrive for perfection. We always make sure to give you the best experience of game hacking. You might find another hack place out there on the net, but here in, we give you the best features and you don’t need to spend a single dollar to us at all. If you want to return the favor, we really appreciate it if you hit the Like button on our fan page, and share this information with your friends.


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